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The central objective of the WORLD AWARENESS TRUST is to raise mankind's awareness of the spiritual nature of life and death. To this end, it encourages the knowledge and practice of meditation and spiritual healing, and organises retreats, groups meetings and self-development workshops.

Group healing for the Earth and awareness of the interconnectedness of all life are important aspects of its work.

Whilst basing its work on a foundation of received spiritual philosophy, the Trust is keen to avoid dogmatic practices. The guidance given is therefore in line with its belief that Truth lies within every individual and all teaching must therefore be aimed in this direction.

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The Bridge of Awareness

A handbook for understanding life
compiled from
The Teachings of Zed
by Jane Tinworth.

is now available from this website.

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at the
Carlton Theatre on

2 - 4.30 pm in the Bar Area

Internationally acclaimed healer JANE TINWORTH gave a short talk and was on hand to sign copies of her new book ALL THE TRIALS OF LIFE - the Weird & Wonderful Journey of a Dynamic Healer.


All the Trials of Life

is now available from this website.

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Interview for RSAB Radio Cornwall on 14 th June 2013.

Jane was interviewed by Marjorie James about her book (All the Trials of Life), her rare gift as a dynamic healer, her poetry and choice of music.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.


Planet Healing
The Second Wednesday Initiative

World Awareness Trust invites concerned people from around the world to join together once a month to create a powerful stream of healing energy into the Earth itself and to all the life it supports.

  When: on the Second Wednesday of each month.

Time: between 7pm and 9pm local time.

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What is Spiritual Healing?

Click here for an article that decribes the basis of
Spiritual Healing and its benefits.

Please note that, although the World Awareness Trust advocates Healing for the Planet, and members of the Trust are themselves healers, the Trust does not have a healing wing.


Read an article concerning:
Warnings about the Effect Man's Greed is having on the Planet
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